#12Days: Favorite Apps for HoverBar

#12Days: Favorite Apps for HoverBar

If you’ve got an iPad — pretty much any iPad except the first one — you’ll find HoverBar is universally great. Obvious uses? A second screen to monitor your Tweetdeck right next to your iMac. In the kitchen above the spill zone. But which apps are best on HoverBar?

We can’t tell you which ones are best for you, but in this installment of #12Days, we share which ones we like and use regularly.


Three apps we like for HoverBar:

First up is Perch (free), the always-on video communication app. We have kind of a love-love relationship with the people at Perch, because we really like the idea of what they’re doing — creating connections between people, regardless of physical location. So the world gets smaller, the work gets better, and everyone feels included. (And it gets easier to read Goodnight Moon from your hotel room in Singapore.) The app’s smart mic technology keeps you on mute unless you’re ready to talk to the group, so if you’re scheduling car repairs or date night over the phone at your desk, no one on your team is the wiser.

We constantly use AirDisplay 2 ($9.99) — it’s the best way to extend your desktop to a second or third screen using your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Thorin Klosowski at Lifehacker says it best: “You have a bunch of different options to turn your iPad into a second display, but we’ve had the most consistent luck with Air Display.” AirDisplay requires no wires, uses advanced Wi-Fi, and allows you to mirror up to four screens at once. We feature it in many of our product shots with HoverBar.

StatusBoard ($9.99) makes the data of living look gorgeous, whether it’s the weather around you, your Twitter feed, important calendar items or other things. You can also use Graph and Table to import your business information into useful data.

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#12Days Holiday Gift Idea: Get a HoverBar as a “family gift” for the family that has multiple generations of iPads shared among kids and adults…and sweeten the deal with small-increment iTunes Gift Cards for renting movies!