ActionSleeve for Apple Watch by Twelve South

ActionSleeve in Action

It’s been a few weeks since we launched our brand new ActionSleeve Armband for Apple Watch and the reviews have been pouring in. When we were developing this cool new innovation, we knew there would be a lot of ways to incorporate it into your training regimen, but as always, you have sent in lots more that we didn’t even think of. We’ve heard from all kinds of people – from competitive athletes to doctors who can’t have anything below the wrist and it’s been great to hear how you’re using it in your daily lives and why you love ActionSleeve. Here are just a few testimonials from some ActionSleeve fans!

If you want to step up your training with ActionSleeve we’re thrilled to announce that you can now purchase it at Best Buy Stores and Online.

  • Saw the product on Cult of Mac and I do crossfit and always have problems with the Apple Watch pausing during the workouts because Siri thinks I’m talking to her! This product looks amazing! I can’t wait to use it! – user comment posted on
  • This is absolutely perfect for me who works in a hospital and has to be ‘bare below the elbows’ – Thomas D. via Instagram
  • For me as a climber this would be a nice sleeve as I can’t fill my Watch’s standing ring while climbing, so this would be a nice work around. – User comment on MacRumors
  • I do a lot of work outside on my property and measure my fitness because I get reimbursed hundreds of dollars by my work’s insurance if I meet the goals. Wearing work gloves constantly activates Siri and tries to turn off my Watch because it keeps knocking into the gloves, which is really annoying. Now I can keep it out of the way and not worry about banging something into the glass, which will be great when I’m using my chainsaw to clear brush before spring. Not to mention this will be great for weightlifting. I’m super excited about this thing! – User comment on MacRumors
  • This new ActionSleeve may work well for ice hockey and could save me from wearing bluetooth monitor chest strap and having my phone on the bench. – Will M. via Twitter
  • Tonight I took the ActionSleeve for a test spin. I was amazed at how this thing works for CrossFit. Normally I would wear my watch on my wrist and use my wraps over the Watch. This wasn’t great for heart rate samples and calories burned was always off, but this sleeve solves that. You simply snap Apple Watch into the sleeve and wrap it around your bicep and the readers are so much better and more consistent to a standard chest strap. Twelve South, you guys knocked it out of the park with this! – Chris B, via Instagram
  • My buddy I CrossFit with everday showed up with [ActionSleeve] and it was pretty damn cool. With CrossFit when you do alot of wrist flexion the Watch gets in the way – this totally cures that. My friend tested it today and it worked amazing. We both did the same workout and his heart rate data was much more stable with the placement on the bicep then mine at the wrist. Not too mention you wont smash your watch when throwing around kettlebells. – User comment on MacRumors
  • Love the product! This was the first time I was able to record workout data while playing competitive soccer.  Watches aren’t allowed because they could hurt someone during 50/50 balls. I think you should advertise to soccer players! – Josh C via Twitter

On top of all the amazing ways you are using our ActionSleeve, we’ve even seen some comparison charts of how much more consistent the tracking is with ActionSleeve! Check out the below from CrossFit regular Chris B. Here’s what he had to say about our newest Watch innovation.

“Here are two charts comparing the same workout with different placement of Apple Watch. The first one is with the watch on the wrist under wraps and the second is with the ActionSleeve. You can see the difference in the readings. I would say this is pretty good proof that having the watch in the ActionSleeve is almost like having another HRM chest strap on. As you can see the first image shows that the sampling rate cuts in and out every few minutes when the Watch loses skin contact. With Watch in ActionSleeve you can see the sample rates are more often and more consistent. I will definitely be bragging up this product to everyone I know who takes their training seriously!”

Twelve South Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor

We’d love to hear how you’re using your ActionSleeve! Drop us a note @TwelveSouth!