AirFly: Beyond the Plane

AirFly: Beyond the Plane

Here are six handy uses for AirFly… at home!

1. Home movies for two
With AirFly Pro or Duo, you can share wireless audio with any two sets of headphones, regardless of brand. Not into the ‘family movie’ choice? Want a more private movie showing? You and your mate can connect two headphones and stream+share whatever you want.

2. Wireless tunes in the car!
Flying not an option? Connect AirFly Pro to your car's AUX-IN to play music wirelessly. Perfect for older models that don't feature a Bluetooth stereo or even rental cars. Who wants to sync their entire phone to a temporary car?

3. Add Bluetooth to your favorite home speakers
Many older speakers are not Bluetooth compatible. Give them an instant upgrade with AirFly Pro. Perfect for playing your music wirelessly to your great sounding home sound system.

4. Nintendo Switch and AirPods!
AirFly is the perfect companion for Nintendo Switch gamers, allowing you to use your AirPods or wireless headphones to play your Switch games in peace. With wither Duo or Pro, it's 1 Player or 2!

5. TV + wireless headphones
Not everyone is a fan of listening to your video game exploits. Tap into your TV's audio jack so you can listen to the battle at full blast. No apologies, take no prisoners! Perfect for late-night movie watching too.

6. Silent workouts for two
Stuck in a thin-walled studio with your partner? You still gotta work out! AirFly Pro or Duo lets you use any brand of wireless headphones for two simultaneous connections to your tablet or phone to tune into your workout. Focus on your breathing, but keep the rest of the noise down!