Beachy Black Friday

Beachy Black Friday

While Black Friday is all about the deals, we can't help ourselves - we love to get creative! We design accessories for creative pros, after all. Every year, we brainstorm ideas, hoping to make our annual sale colorful, fun, and cozy.

With the late, great Jimmy Buffet on our minds in September, we were feeling nostalgic for the times we enjoyed his concerts in our hometown of Charleston, SC. We thought his sense of fun and positivity would perfectly complement our Black Friday artwork, and we were excited to include some Charleston easter eggs as well.

Whether it's an "out of office" message from Santa or an elf taking a gaming break, we hope you find some humor in the holidays and enjoy a boat drink with loved ones. It's what Jimmy would have wanted. 

How did we do? Which one is your favorite?

Santa Reading in Margaritaville featuring BookBook


Harbor Heron Prepping for Migration featuring HoverBar Tower


Cozy Gaming on Folly Beach featuring Curve


Snoozing Under the Palmetto Moon featuring HiRise 3


Rudy Goes to Charleston featuring AirFly