BookBook Bento Apple Accessories by Twelve South

Introducing BookBook Bento

Editor's note: this page was part of our April Fool's 2019 promotion, published on 4/1/19 and as much as it pains us, BookBook Bento is not a real Twelve South product.... yet. Shop the very real BookBook for MacBook here. 

MacBook and sushi. Better together.

BookBook Bento is a gorgeous, oversized MacBook case with a built-in bento so you can stroll into the office with your MacBook and sushi rolls in one convenient, crushproof case. Tucked inside BookBook Bento, your MacBook rests on soft microsuede. Open the secret compartment beneath your MacBook and lunch is served – in an insulated bento. Enjoy your grilled chicken, dipping sauce and rice, then finish editing that iMovie or Keynote presentation. Like all of our BookBook cases, this one provides six-sided protection for your prized MacBook and beef teriyaki. 

• 2-in-1 sophisticated MacBook case with built-in bento
• Hidden USB-powered bento keeps lunch cool or warm 
• Full-grain leather case with crushproof spine 
• Cleverly disguises and protects your MacBook and lunch 

Your MacBook and lunch in one case.

BookBook Bento gives you the ability to pack your MacBook and lunch into one handsome leather case, streamlining the number of things you carry to work. Wherever you take your MacBook, you’ll have a tasty meal with you. If a meeting runs long, you’re on a deadline or stuck on the train, lift up this clever MacBook case’s secret compartment to grab a snack or an entire meal.


Keeps your food warm or cold.

One really useful feature of BookBook Bento is the USB-powered cooling or heating element. Simply plug the USB cord into to your MacBook to power the case’s hidden bento. Flip a switch to warm or cool, and the food you carry will be kept at the perfect temperature so your chicken or sushi won’t spoil. Finally, a 2-in-1 case for people who are as particular about their computer as they are about their food.




A modular interior lets you customize your bento more than 100 unique ways.


Saves time and money.

Put your sushi or tuna wrap where your MacBook is – inside BookBook Bento – and spend less time searching for lunch and more time getting work done. Packing your lunch with your Mac means you can cut back on Uber Eats to save up for the next MacBook upgrade. Think of BookBook Bento as a guidebook for a better you.


Looking for the real deal?

BookBook for MacBook is the iconic case that makes a statement wherever it goes. Our Vol 2 edition is refined and tailored exclusively for the USB-C MacBooks with a slim silhouette and a strong, crush-resistant spine, with the added bonus of a hidden portfolio pocket to carry printed reports, swatch samples, contracts and so on.

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