Introducing HiRise Toast, our tastiest HiRise yet.

Introducing HiRise Toast, our tastiest HiRise yet.

Editor's note: This post was part of our April Fool's 2015 promotion, published on 4/1/15 and as much as it pains us, HiRise Toast is not a real Twelve South product.... yet. Shop the very real Twelve South catalog here.

We cooked up the ultimate iMac stand.

HiRise Toast for iMac is a hot new iMac stand with a built-in toaster oven. HiRise Toast elevates your iMac to a more ergonomic viewing height and can toast bread, bagels or heat up Hot Pockets and frozen dinners. Never miss a meal because of a deadline again. Cook breakfast, lunch or dinner right at your desk, inches from your keyboard. The 1800-watt, built-in toaster oven has 12 pre-sets, a non-stick rack and ample insulation to protect your desk and iMac from oven heat. Enjoy less neck strain and fewer hunger pains with HiRise Toast. Order your HiRise Toast today and receive a free Twelve South oven mitt.

Now you’re cooking. Literally.

While you’re immersed in a project, HiRise Toast can perfectly brown waffles or put a golden, crispy crust on your mini pizza. HiRise Toast means no more going hungry when there’s no time to leave your desk to eat. HiRise Toast heats from 175 to 400 degrees and is designed to heat your food evenly. Having your iMac elevated improves your posture, which helps you better digest the foods you cook with HiRise. A tasty bonus.




April Fools!

HiRise Toast isn't real, but no matter what Apple gear you have, Twelve South has you covered. Click below to check out our full-line of accessories made just for Apple.