Introducing Standolier for MacBook

Introducing Standolier for MacBook

Editor's note: This post was part of our April Fool's 2018 promotion, published on 4/1/18 and as much as it pains us, Standolier is not a real Twelve South product.... yet. Shop the very real Twelve South catalog here.

A standup desk that goes wherever your feet take you.

Meet Standolier, the world’s first wearable, standup desk made exclusively for MacBook. Standolier allows you to stand up while you work, pretty much anywhere you want. Wear Standolier in the office or in line at your favorite coffee shop. This convenient stand has a built-in cupholder, adjustable shoulder straps and belt. Imagine how much more productive you’ll be when you can work virtually anywhere you stand. Standolier is compatible with all MacBooks. 

Stand up. Step away from your cube.

Standup desks are great, except you have to stand in one place. Not with Standolier. Strap on this wearable desk and finish your Keynote presentation on your MacBook Pro while you walk down the hall to the conference room. Review a spreadsheet in a co-workers office or flip open your MacBook to check your day’s calendar on the elevator ride to your office. Standolier turns you into a mobile MacBook taskmaster.

Standing in line shouldn’t be wasted time.

Think of how many minutes you stand in line waiting to buy a coffee. While you can answer emails with your iPhone, imagine have a MacBook with a full-size keyboard in front of you. You can be editing videos while you wait for the gyro you just ordered at a food truck. When your food arrives, close your MacBook and you have a standing snack table - with a built-in cupholder. Standolier just may be the best thing since the MacBook itself.