iTip: Buy More RAM

iTip: Buy More RAM

Since we’re Apple-only, people are always asking us for tips to make their Macs run better. Believe it or not, our #1 tip is this: Buy more RAM!

Whether you’re upgrading to a new MacBook Air or moving to a MacBook Pro with Retina, the best add-on choice you can make that will have the biggest possible impact on your experience is to max our your RAM. It seems we’re not alone in this advice.


Our friends at TUAW recently pointed to a video demo showing the difference that maxing out RAM in the newest iMac can make, leading writer john-Michael Bond to observe “the Retina iMac 5K maxed our with 32GB of RAM is incredible…” You bet it is.

Check out the rest of the TUAW story here.  If you’re thinking of upgrading the RAM yourself, here’s a video how-to.

And remember: When in doubt, max your RAM out!