Introducing SuitCase for MacBook

Introducing SuitCase for MacBook

Minimal design. Maximum style.

SuitCase for MacBook is a handsome, quilted, hard case enveloped in a premium water-resistant twill. Beneath its elegant exterior is a thermoform shell that securely protects your MacBook. Thanks to a slim design and recessing leather handle, it’s easy to slip SuitCase into your work bag or backpack. When all you need is your MacBook for an off-site meeting, SuitCase is the ultimate shuttle. 

Carry your MacBook in style. Order SuitCase for MacBook today.

Protection of a case. Convenience of a shell.

When you take a seat at your favorite coffee shop or workstation, you can work on your MacBook without removing it from SuitCase. Our innovative suspension system holds SuitCase securely against your notebook without interfering with your MacBook’s display.

Is SuitCase all you really need for a meeting?

With all-day battery, why lug your backpack or bulky computer bag to a two-hour meeting when all you need is your MacBook? Slip some paperwork and your Lightning Cable into the slim interior pocket and travel light. Think of SuitCase as the carry-on for everyday life.