Origins: BookArc’s Cable Catch

Origins: BookArc’s Cable Catch

BookArc was the first product we released when we started in 2009. BookArc lets you conveniently use your MacBook with a large external monitor, extended keyboard, and mouse, for a more comfortable work setup utilizing a little-known feature called closed-clamshell mode. Working off of a single monitor increases focus, minimizes workspace clutter and even speeds up display performance by dedicating 100% video memory to a single display.

Before BookArc, using your computer in closed-clamshell mode left your MacBook laying flat, taking up valuable space. But with a BookArc, your MacBook is lifted vertically off of your desk, while silicone inserts with built-in cable management hooks underneath secure any loose power cords or adapters. It freed up additional space and made using the MacBook closed neater.

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook Cable Catch


When we redesigned BookArc in 2015, we designed BookArc with the latest MacBooks in mind, giving BookArc a much smaller footprint. Slimming down meant rethinking BookArc’s cable management – a necessary feature we didn’t want to lose. So we designed the aluminum arc- not the inserts- to do the cable management. BookArc’s feet were redesigned designed to hold your cables in place when you unplug your Mac and go- we call it Cable Catch.

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook Cable Management

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