ParcSlope is the perfect creative easel for iPad Pro

ParcSlope is the perfect creative easel for iPad Pro

Originally created for MacBook, ParcSlope is the perfect angled desktop stand for creative work on the new iPad Pro. Set iPad Pro on the silicone-padded ParcSlope and draw with Apple Pencil, bang out beats in GarageBand, or manipulate on-screen controls while you sketch with your other hand. If iPad Pro is your new digital canvas, ParcSlope is the desktop easel you need to support it. ParcSlope is available now for $49.99 from

Crafted from a seamless sheet of steel, ParcSlope has a ridged silicone pad on top and a sloped soft curb on the bottom that elevates your iPad Pro above the desktop, where it’s safe from accidental spills. The ParcSlope makes the iPad your easel without having to take the case off – it’s compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover and Silicone Case. A cable slot in back manages your iPad Pro power cable or audio connections.

“Professional illustrators are used to drawing on angled digital tablets like the Wacom Cintiq,” said Andrew Green, Creative Director. “ParcSlope adds this comfortable angle and working position to iPad Pro. Once you’ve used iPad Pro on a ParcSlope, you’ll never be able to use it flat on a desk again.”

Of course, ParcSlope remains a great stand for MacBook. With ParcSlope, MacBook sits at a more ergonomic viewing height without requiring an external keyboard. Or add an external keyboard and display for the ultimate dual-screen MacBook workstation. ParcSlope adds so much value to a MacBook and iPad Pro setup that you’ll want two.

Twelve South ParcSlope for MacBook and iPad typing stand and sketch pad

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