StayGo Review Roundup

StayGo Review Roundup

By hiding the connection cable, you've just made the StayGo one of the most useful USB-C hubs I've tested so far.iMore

If all companies paid as much attention to detail on their base products as Twelve South paid to the StayGo cables, we’d all be a lot happier with our product purchases. - The Sweet Setup

Between the cable clutter reduction, low heat collection, and easy connectivity to my favorite accessories, it’s pretty much a ‘go-to’ item for me. - MacSources

 ★★★★★ (out of 5 stars) -  Apple World Today

Aside from its good looks and the plethora of ports, this hub sets itself apart with flexible design, making it equally impressive for desktop and mobile use. - iDownload Blog

The perfect MacBook Pro accessory for the on-the-road photographer.” - Gear Patrol

TwelveSouth’s StayGo is the last USB-C dock you’ll ever need. - TechCrunch

“Quality is second to won’t be disappointed with the StayGo USB-C Hub.” - The Geek Journal

“This is one of the best USB-C adapters I’ve used to date. It’s the full package! It’s replaced all the other small dongles I used to carry around with one killer big dongle that has everything!” - Canoopsy

Ready to add the ultimate MacBook Pro accessory to your arsenal?