The Twelve: Apple Event Recap

The Twelve: Apple Event Recap

1. Apple had a lot of fun with their video segments for this event, starting with their intro music video for "California Soul". Tim Cook started with a recap of their Apple TV lineup and upcoming shows, like Ted Lasso and The Morning Show. And we'll be sure to check those out...but let's get to the fun stuff!

2. Apple's first reveal was a surprise update to their entry level iPad, including a A13 Bionic processor, Apple Pencil (1st gen) support and improved cameras and more storage space. The iPad mini, now on the 6th generation, also received a makeover with a larger display with True Tone, Touch ID, Apple Pencil support (2nd gen) and improved cameras. Which is your favorite?

3. We are so excited to try out CenterStage on the new iPad and iPad mini! HoverBar Duo is perfect for this, since your iPad can be held at the perfect height and angle while its camera follows you as you move around. Whether you're enjoying a virtual happy hour with a friend or the kids are recording their next masterpiece, going hands-free unleashes the possibilities! Shop HoverBar Duo for iPad (and iPhone!)

4. With all the new capabilities of iPad mini, you'll need a USB-C hub that unlocks its full potential. StayGo gives you all the ports you need, at home or on the go, so that you can keep your connections (like HDMI, Ethernet and USB-A) and get more done with iPad. Shop StayGo USB-C Hub here.

5. With 20% more screen area, a brighter display and beautifully rounded edges, the new Series 7 Apple Watch not only looks amazing but is also much easier to use and read. Series 7 is also the most durable Apple Watch ever built, but hopefully you won't have to put that to the test. Check out the full recap on the new Apple Watch here.

6. While Apple was able to create this larger display without drastically changing the dimensions of Apple Watch, this does mean that ActionSleeve will be updated for Series 7 compatibility. Sign up here to be notified as soon as it's available (plus more fun Apple Watch accessories to come!)

7. Was it just us, or were you super inspired by the Apple Fitness+ video? After watching, we were ready to take on a marathon, ski slalom or cross-country run. And now with group workouts, you can have your workout buddy cheering you on virtually!

8. For your at-home workout setup, Compass Pro or HoverBar Duo is the perfect option for holding your iPad while tuning into your latest cardio class. Now you can create a fitness studio anywhere and #CloseYourRings! Shop Compass Pro for iPad.

9. Want to share wireless audio with a partner for a quieter workout environment? AirFly allows you to connect two sets of wireless headphones to your audio source, no matter what brand! Shop AirFly.

10. Apple introduced some beautiful new colors for their devices, including a blush Pink, Starlight and Midnight. Which one will you be picking up? We're partial to the Sierra Blue...Pre-orders start on Friday, Sept 17 and the new iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will be available the following Friday, Sept 24.

11. Did you see Forté for iPhone in the MagSafe lineup during the Apple Keynore??? With the amazing display on iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, you'll want to keep it front and center, even when charging. Forté uses the power of your MagSafe Charger to float your iPhone in either portrait or landscape mode, so you can enjoy hands-free FaceTime or Zoom calls, watch videos or simply keep your notifications easily visible. Best of all, it's available now at AppleShop Forté for iPhone.

12. We know you're excited to get your new iPhone 13, and your next stop will be the perfect case to protect it. Fear not, BookBook and SurfacePad will be arriving soon! We hope to have them available next month so stay tuned. :) Sign up here to be the first to know when they arrive!