The Twelve: Our Kind of Independents

The Twelve: Our Kind of Independents

There’s no doubt it’s summer here in our home of Charleston, SC (100 degrees on average for the last few weeks). But that doesn’t stop us! Here are the 12 things keeping our minds inspired and off the heat.


Ryan Leslie is releasing a lifetime concept album.

This house is where we are thinking of escaping the heat. Or maybe the house from Ex Machina!

And when you are in your new cliff house, you’ll need a rockin’ work space.

Summer can be hard if you have friends who don’t have 9 to 5’s.  So, make your next Monday awesome.

This buyer’s guide from MacRumors has the potential to be super helpful in your next Apple purchase.

Watch a tortilla get turned into a playable record. Need I say more?

You’ll never have a blank wall in your house with access to these print shops.

What’s your passion? – Plan it!

And while you’re at it, here are some tips from the most productive people on the planet.

One of the most interesting and colorful Instagram feeds we’ve seen.

The organic origami pot that transforms with your plant as it grows. Meet GROWTH.

And to leave you with a smile. A little Grace Potter.