The Twelve: Our Kind of March Madness

The Twelve: Our Kind of March Madness

Welcome to the second installment of our new series, The Twelve.

Here are a few things that are entertaining us right now, while we yearn for spring here in America.

Twelve things we’re digging right now:

This new IKEA Emoticon App makes telling your roommates to straighten up that much easier. (Yes, that’s a plate of Swedish meatballs.)

Do you recognize everyone anyone here? The Crazy Personalities of 5 Archetypal Agency People (Infographic).

Who knew there were so many uses for a rubber band? (Here are 39 of them.)

In the market for a high-quality cotton graphic design tee? Us, always. Try these on for size.

Ooh, we’re excited to check out Apple’s newest store in China.

Busy? Here’s Short…the reading list for people like you.

Fantastic story of healthy life after cancer, courtesy of iPhone (and gritty determination, clearly) from MacStories.

Audi’s OLED technology is cool, right? Maybe not street legal in America for a while, though…

These tunnels are the sort you’d look forward to walking through…

Boom. New Earth!

So you’re all caught up on binge-listening to Serial: Here are some more podcasts worth the download.

Will someone please export Caro Emerald to America? Loving her sound.