The Twelve: Things We’re Checking Out Right Now

The Twelve: Things We’re Checking Out Right Now

We’re introducing a new regular series called The Twelve, and in each installment, we’ll include a few things we’re enjoying right now…that we think you’ll also enjoy.

Read on to see just what we mean.

 The Twelve:

Craving new people and new stories? Try 365 Days of Talking with Strangers.

Not-quite-leaving-Las Vegas: Amazing aerial photos show Las Vegas like never before.

Coming soon to a car near you (you hope): Artist Leaves Lovely Typographic Quotes On Snow-Covered Cars In NYC

Did you also get a last-minute note from you child’s teacher reminding you that you need Valentines for school tomorrow? Take the cutest ones.

Simply gorgeous spiraling wedding chapel in Japan looks like gently twining ribbons.

Introducing Artist Claire Desjardin.

Make your own creature!

Future engineers of the world: Build your own computer (it’s no Apple, but it’s a clever start).

It’s like getting a modern mix tape from your coolest friend.

The best dinner we’ve had in a while. (Wonder if there’s a Stubborn Son in the works?)

So many wonderful stories, so little time.

Really digging international (and internationally influenced) tunes right now. That’s right — we mean Cro and Dengue Fever. And Guster with that new album and tour.