Upcycle Twelve South Packaging

Think Green!

Changing the world can be a daunting task but it starts with each of us changing our little corner! Here at Twelve South we are always looking for new ways to reduce our footprint, and often our customers inspire us with their creativity. Even though our packaging is recyclable we love it when you think out of the box and RE-PURPOSE. Over the years we have seen them used as a business card rolodex, an herb planter, and even a custom amplifier enclosure.

Because we take being green seriously, in most of our product manuals we have included a list of interesting ways to reuse the brown gift box from your new Twelve South gear. So why not do the earth a favor and find a fun way to reuse yours!

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook

To get you started here’s 12 ideas from us:

  1. Perfect for storing photos – a few of our boxes are the exact size for 8×10’s
  2. Make a shadow box or use it for your child’s next diorama project
  3. Repurpose it as a fancy gift box – just add the bow!
  4. Store all your art supplies: pens, pencils or crayons all fit perfectly
  5. Fill it with leggos in the playroom and save yourself from painful footsteps
  6. Use it as a drawer organizer
  7. Turn it into a garage for Hot Wheels
  8. Keep calm and make a zen garden by filling with sand
  9. Create an ultra mod dollhouse
  10. Line it with tissue paper and deliver fresh baked goods to your friends
  11. Cut a slot in the top and make a suggestion box
  12. DOUBLE your re-use and fill it with paper rolls to store cords for all your devices

Twelve South Recycling

Have you repurposed your Twelve South box in a unique way? We’d love to see it! Tweet us at @twelvesouth or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.