Widescreen Dreams

Widescreen Dreams


**Name** Aral Tasher
**Location** Orlando, FL
**Current gig** Front End Engineer, Rho AI
**Current Mac** 16” MacBook Pro
**One word that best describes your WFH life** Intentional


**What was the thought process behind your current setup?**
My setup constantly evolves depending on the work requirements I have at the time, and the key theme behind it is being intentional. Everything on my desk serves a specific purpose that's crucial in my daily workflow, and each product goes through a meticulous research process before I invest in it.

**What’s your favorite thing in your workspace**
That's a tough one. As I mentioned in my previous answer, every item on the desk is special in someway, but if I had to pick one thing that I enjoy the most, it's probably my eGPU that's ironically mounted under the desk. 

I use the Razer X Chroma external GPU enclosure along with the Radeon RX Vega 64 desktop graphics card on my 16" MacBook Pro. That way, I can get desktop grade graphic processing power with my laptop (comparable to a iMac/iMac Pro for instance), making it a modular but powerful setup

**What three apps do you use everyday that you couldn’t live without?**
There are actually quite a bit of apps I rely in my daily workflow. I am always on the lookout for a new tool I can add to my arsenal and improve/streamline my workflow as much as possible. But here are the 3 from that list:

###CleanMyMac X
This is probably one of the first applications I install on a new device. The MacPaw team has done a tremendous job at building an elegant solution for cleaning-up and running maintenance scripts on your MacBooks. If you are looking to clear up some space on your storage, or delete unused apps that you haven't been using, CleanMyMac X turns all that into a hassle-free experience.

Another one of my all time favorites. Spectacle is a *free* tool that allows you easily manage your window positions and sizes using keyboard shortcuts. It certainly has a learning curve to get accustomed to the shortcut combinations, but once you get a hold of it, arranging your desktop windows becomes a trivial job.

A quick notice though; unfortunately, this tool is no longer maintained by its developer. It still functions as is and I still use it on my device, but this means that there won't be any updates for bug fixes or version problems in the future. A paid alternative to Spectacles is the BetterSnapTool, which is regularly maintained though.

###Better Touch Tool (BTT)
This one is a fairly new addition to my productivity tools. I actually found out about this via my audience on Instagram; I recently made a post complaining about the touch-bar on the recent MacBook Pro line-up, and the developer community had an overwhelmingly positive feedback towards this tool. I've been editing the Golden Chaos template to tailor it towards my workflow so far.

**How do you stay motivated while working from home?**
Well I wake up everyday to work on projects that I'm passionate about and do things I am genuinely interested in. So from the motivation perspective, I have strong drivers to keep me busy.

But there of course are other factors that helps me stay consistent; having a dedicated workspace area that you enjoy being at and away from distractions is an important one —as you can tell from how much attention to detail I show for my setup. Another one is sticking to a schedule, and this will vary person to person. After months of working, I found that I work my best early in the morning and in the evening. So I like to take a long break in the afternoon instead of doing a straight 8hr work schedule. My team actually has a really nice blog post about their insights from years of remote working, which you can read here.

**What’s the most unique object/accessory on your desk?**
It has to be the reclaimed wood top. This is probably the most recognizable item on my workspace. I got this desk from StandDesk about 5 years ago, and the top only got better as I used it with a very unique patina that my audience loves to see.

Just a quick note; even though the company still offers this desk style, the color and patters on their new versions have changed. I cover this "issue" on my recent setup video on YouTube, so you can refer to some updated pictures some of my followers sent me on there.

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