Train for greatness with ActionSleeve 2

Train for greatness with ActionSleeve 2

 With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics starting in a few short weeks, we're getting inspired to up our fitness game. Apple Watch is the perfect workout buddy, tracking your progress during training and giving you all of your essential stats and health data at the touch of a button. Utilize Apple Watch in even more workouts with ActionSleeve 2, the adjustable armband that lets you wear Apple Watch wherever is most comfortable, not just your wrist!

Check out a few of our favorite Olympic events where ActionSleeve 2 can help keep Apple Watch off your wrist but still in the game, match or race. 

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Up your game and take your fitness tracking beyond the wrist with ActionSleeve 2 for AppleWatch. ActionSleeve 2 keeps your sensors in contact with skin so you can keep tracking your health data and workout stats while freeing your wrist for the perfect free throw. Just a flick of the wrist and it's nothing but net! Looking to improve your free throw percentage (aren't we all)? Check out this video tutorial for tips on setting yourself up for success. 

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Wrist-wraps are essential for safe and effective weightlifting. But what if you still want to track your heart rate, respiration and fat burn? All of this is made possible by moving your Apple Watch to your forearm with ActionSleeve. Check out this helpful guide to setting up your Apple Watch for optimal strength training tracking! 

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Whether playing in the sand or on the court, keeping your wrist free for the perfect bump, set, spike is crucial. Because your arms are so active in the sport of volleyball, keeping your Apple watch off your wrist liberates your movement while also keeping your pricey fitness tracker out of harm's way. Now you're ready to serve that ace! With both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball on the schedule for Tokyo 2020, there's plenty of opportunities to watch the action. View the full schedule here. 

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Rowing is all about rhythm, so the last thing you want is your Apple Watch band getting in the way. By moving it higher on your arm with ActionSleeve, you can track all of your essential data while achieving the perfect stroke. Cult of Mac recommends the Rowing Coach app for the best tracking during rowing sessions. 

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Action Sleeve 2 gives you the option to wear Apple Watch wherever is most comfortable, ensuring that you can track your Health stats no matter what the workout or activity. It's perfect for tennis matches where your wrists are already occupied by your sweat bands. We're big fans of tennis here in Charleston, SC,  where the Charleston Open, the largest women’s only tennis tournament in North America, has been held since 2001! 

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Taking your Apple Watch off before you hit the ring? Think again! With Action Sleeve 2, you can jab, cross, uppercut and more during your next boxing workout, all while Apple Watch tracks your stats from a safe distance. By moving your Apple Watch to your upper arm, off your wrist, you'll be able to close your rings no matter what! There are 8 weight classes for men's Olympic boxing and 5 for women's. Can you name them all? Answers here...

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