Twelve South helps Billie Eilish chat with fans

Twelve South helps Billie Eilish chat with fans

It's always exciting to spot a Twelve South product in the wild! Check out Billie Eilish rocking HoverBar to hold her iPad while surprise FaceTiming her fans 🤩

Since HoverBar is an older stand, we recommend Billie check out our new Compass Pro to hold her iPad hands-free next time she FaceTimes with fans. Because Compass Pro is mobile, Eilish can take in on the road wherever she goes.

Thanks for repping Twelve South!  Here are some Twelve South products we know you will love!

Compass Pro - for FaceTiming fans on the road

Fermata - to hold your headphones in the studio

AirSnap Pro - to protect and secure your AirPods Pro to your backpack or travel bag

Curve SE for MacBook - to hold your producer/brother’s MacBook in his new studio!

Hit us up anytime, Billie. Love your work and how dedicated you are to your fans!