Twelve South Ultimate Gift Guide

Twelve South Ultimate Gift Guide

Twelve South Ultimate Gift Guide

For the MacBook User



Update that old MacBook stand (or put those books back on the shelf) with our GhostStand. Its clean lines and modern design hold perfect appeal for the minimalist desk. $34.99 / BUY NOW

If there’s a globetrotter on your list, our PlugBug World is a must. PlugBug World brings dual charging convenience to your MacBook, whether in Beijing or Melbourne, New York or Berlin! $44.99 / BUY NOW

Want to be a true gift hero? Go for the Unexpected Surprise Gift: BassJump! With BassJump’s new software for Mavericks, you can ditch that extra Bluetooth speaker, and stop worrying about extra batteries or chargers. BassJump and MacBook create the perfect travel sound system! How does it sound? Put on the best headphones you can find and watch this video($69.99).

Twelve South BassJump portable speaker and subwoofer


For the iPad Owner

Twelve South BookBook for iPad mini


Simple. Get them a BookBook for iPad mini. Here’s all you need to know when buying a case for iPad mini, from Cult of Mac: “The iPad mini is simply the device the BookBook was made for.” $69.99 / BUY NOW

Or get them something they didn’t know they needed: A Compass. With Compass, they can use their iPad hands-free in Landscape *or* Portrait mode, and when it comes to FaceTime, you want Portrait. $39.99 / BUY NOW

Twelve South Compass Stand for iPad


For the iPhone User

Twelve South HiRise charger for iPhone

Here’s the absolute can’t-go-wrong, perfect gift that everyone who has an iPhone needs: HiRise for iPhone. What does everyone do with their iPhone? Charge it! With a design that fits in perfectly anywhere from bedside to kitchen to desk, HiRise for iPhone keeps their phone charged and ready. $34.99 / BUY NOW

If your favorite iPhone user is a minimalist, they’ll love SurfacePad for iPhone. This ultra-thin, ultra modern leather jacket protects the most important part of your iPhone – the screen. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever had on an iPhone. $34.99 / BUY NOW

Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone slim cover



For the iMac or Cinema Display Owner

Twelve South BackPack for iMac and Displays

That wasted space between your iMac and the wall? WIth BackPack, it’s a great place to put backup storage, or anything else you want to keep hidden and out of the way. $34.99 / BUY NOW

May we recommend  HiRise for iMac? It’s the perfect way to give someone a happy neck and some extra storage, while blending into their existing setup in a way that looks like it was issued by Apple itself. $79.99 / BUY NOW

Twelve South HiRise for iMac