The Twelve: Up in the Air

The Twelve: Up in the Air

1. AirFly Pro became the must-have accessory for flying by solving the issue of connecting your wireless headphones to the in-flight entertainment on planes. However, this functionality has many uses on the ground, from Nintendo Switch, wireless audio sharing, and updating your home sound system to Bluetooth. It turns out that AirFly has more uses on the ground than in the air! Check out the full round-up here. 

2. A packable, compact blanket is a great addition to your travel accessory collection. It takes up very little space in your bag and it will come in handy more than you think. In the meantime, you can use it for some nice outdoor relaxing or even a picnic! It's important to get that daily dose of vitamin D ☀️

3. You can learn how to do pretty much anything by watching videos online. Compass Pro lets you watch tutorials hands-free so you can pick up some new skills - like trying new recipes in the kitchen, practicing a new musical instrument, learning to knit or you can even set it up on your garage workbench to learn how to work on your car!

4. TimePorter keeps all of your Apple Watch bands and external batteries safe and secure in a stylish, compact case. But did you know that you can also use it as a bedside alarm with Apple Watch? Now you can charge your Watch overnight, while keeping the display visible when you need it.

5. Noise-cancelling headphones like AirPods Pro are great to have while traveling, but their usefulness at home is undeniable. Multiple Zoom meetings, kids playing (and learning), or unruly roommates make the ability to tune it all out crucial to your work at home success (and sanity).

6. An eye mask is a must-have for long haul flights, but with your routine being way off these days, you can also use it to get your sleep schedule back on track! We recommend a version that includes Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite relaxing tracks while you doze off without fear of your AirPods falling into the abyss behind your headboard. Check out this round up to find the best one for you.

7. While PlugBug Duo's multiple international outlet adapters certainly make it useful for travel, its key feature makes it a valuable addition anywhere. When outlets are in high demand and your new MacBook only has USB-C, you can use PlugBug Duo to charge up to 3 devices (including your MacBook) from one outlet.

8. There are two types of people. Those that unpack immediately, and those who don't unpack until they're getting ready for their next trip. Which one are you? Don't let your empty suitcase get lonely while you're at home on standby. It's easy to (temporarily) convert it into a DIY pet bed. Not that your cat needs permission to take up residence in your suitcase, empty or otherwise...

9. Need to temporarily satisfy your wanderlust? Check out our collections of desktop backgrounds for a fresh view. Share with your coworkers or friends on your next Zoom call by updating your background. Here's how. 

10. With its convenient display mode, BookBook for iPad makes it easier to enjoy your Netflix binge anywhere. Or for the more academically focused, its great for displaying/watching your online resources, while keeping you hands-free for taking notes. 

11. While normally we would recommend bringing your own water bottle to the airport so you can avoid paying $10 at the gift shop, staying hydrated is important no matter where you are. And now that you have time to tackle all your yard work and house projects, be sure to keep a Refresh Water Bottle nearby.

12. It's in the name. StayGo is a useful tool at home AND on-the-go! StayGo delivers all the ports you need, but with a cord long enough to neatly tuck it away and keep the front of your workspace clean and tidy. Plug in StayGo to connect to all your desktop gear and power - hidden out of sight, but ready to go when you are.