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What Book(Book) Are You Reading Now?

What Book(Book) Are You Reading Now?


In celebration of National Library Week, we asked our Twelve South staffers which books are on their iPads in their BookBooks, or on their bedside table. Check out the recommendations below and shop the entire BookBook collection here!


Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins

- Krystal in Fulfillment

Game of Thrones Series by George R.R. Martin

- Sarah in Sales

Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey

- Mari in Accounting

Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner

- Bridget in Customer Support

The Long Way by Bernard Moitessier

- Kyle in Sales

My Dance with Death by Jeremy Hess

- Megan in Marketing

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

- Marlee in Web Development

This is Marketing by Seth Godin

- Andrew (co-founder)

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

- Dan in Logistics

A Merry Life, and a Short One by Matt McLaine

- Matt (the author himself!) in Sales

The Hot Wheels Legends Tour Kicks off in Miami by Ceso Bagay

- Kris in Creative

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

- Megan in Sales

Good to Great by Jim Collins

- Erik in Accounting


Did you know? You can read dozens of books online for free from your local library, with apps like Libby, Hoopla and cloudLibrary

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